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Chemical Peels

From anti-aging chemical peels to peels for brightening dark spots, Diana O'Donnell Skin Care offers a variety of Chemical Peel options to suit every skin type and condition

The 4% Pure Retinol Peel from PCA Skin smooths surface texture and brightens skin tone by boosting cell turnover. Retinol enhances the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and active ingredients into the skin and is highly effective for clearing blemishes and reducing fine lines. Peeling or sheeting can last up to ten days.

$250 / 30 minutes

Series of 3 / $699

Series of 6 / $1350

PCA Peel with Hydroquinone & Resorcinol is a modified and enhanced Jessner's solution, for treating hyperpigmentation, rough surface texture and acne. It combines the strong brightening power of hydroquinone with the lightening power of kojic and lactic acids. For resilient skin types only. Single layer or up to 6.

$175 / 30 minutes

Series of 3 / $495

Series of 6 / $899

Additional layers / $15 each (up to 6)

OBAGI Blue Peel Radiance is an effective chemical peel with a main active ingredient of 20% salicylic acid. This formula also combines lactic and glycolic acids with calming agents like Willow Bark and Licorice Root. This chemical peel is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin, oily or acne skin.

$175 / 30 minutes

Series of 3 / $495

Series of 6 / $899

The 50% Glycolic Peel is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) sourced from sugarcane that has been used for in skin care for hundreds of years. Glycolic dissolves bonds between dead skin cells so they can be sloughed off to reveal healthier new cell growth. Reduces the appearance of acne, scarring, fine lines, and texture or pigmentation. Single layer.

$150 / 30 minutes

Series of 3 / $425

Series of 6 / $799


Screen Shot 2023-08-28 at 3.10.54 PM.png

Advanced Treatment Booster


This 10 .5% retinoid booster increases exfoliation, restores keratinization and barrier function, while reducing redness and soothing. Helps to promote a clear complexion and an even skin tone. Can be added as a final step to any peel or facial treatment.

$50 add-on

Neck and Décolleté Peel


Choose from either 50% Glycolic or PCA Peel with Hydroquinone & Resorcinol for the often neglected neck and chest area


Starting at $185.

More about Chemical Peels


Chemical peels in Naples, FL are an incredible treatment option for most skin types and concerns. They improve tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts and dark spots. A chemical peel is a method used to improve the appearance and health of the skin. The chemical solution applied to the skin causes it to exfoliate and slough off over a period of time. The new, refreshed and healthy skin is revealed that is smoother, more even toned with decreased fine lines and wrinkles.

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