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5 Tips For Glowing Winter Skin!

Even in Florida, colder, drier air can create itchy, red and irritated skin. Here are some ways to fight dry winter skin and help increase your skin's natural moisture...

1. Choose Cleansers Wisely

The wrong cleanser can cause or worsen itchy, dry skin any time of the year. Bar soaps often contain irritants and cheap fragrances – I always recommend clients stay away from them in general. Alternatively, use a moisturizing wash or cleansing milk with little to no fragrance for facial care. For hands and body, choose a gel or creamy wash, either unscented or naturally scented.

2. Use a Humidifier

Here in Florida, our skin is used to naturally moist air almost all year-round, even indoors. During the winter months, using in a humidifier in your bedroom and rooms you use most will add back that moisture to the drier air and help prevent dry skin.

3. Nix the Hot Showers

Yes, baby, it’s cold outside. But resist the urge to warm up by taking a hot, steamy shower. The overly hot water – any water that turns your skin color to red or pink – will greatly contribute to dry skin. Even washing your hands in lukewarm water is known to be just as effective as warmer water and less irritating to the skin.

4. Moisturize Everything

Moisturizing helps increase and maintain skin’s moisture, and adds to the skin’s natural protection barrier. Choose thicker creams, ointment or oils to moisturizer body, hands and feet on colder days, especially at night when our body is in repair mode. Repetitive hand washing can increase irritation so have a hand cream with you whenever possible.

5. Get a Deep Hydrating Facial

Your skin greatly benefits from that extra boost of a professional facial treatment once a month. Deeply hydrating treatments can not only deposit hydrating nutrients into the skin, but also increase the skin's natural hydration as well.

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