Microcurrent Facial

Skin is double-cleansed and lightly exfoliated, followed by an application of conductive gel. Using the MyoLift True Microcurrent device with two probes, microcurrent is delivered in two phases. 'Erase' smooths out and softens fine lines and wrinkles. 'Educate' re-educates muscles to lift. The Firm & Lift mask and plumping serums further tighten and lifts the skin. The amazing lifting facial concludes with serums, moisturizer and SPF to leave skin looking noticeably firmer, tighter and more visibly lifted.

60 min / $175

Please note that Microcurrent is not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have epilepsy, a pacemaker, or active cancer.

Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent is one of the ultimate anti-aging tools in my arsenal of treatments and a true favorite of my clients. It uses electricity to promote cell growth in the skin as it helps to exercise - actively lift and contour - the muscles of the face. The low-voltage electricity targets facial muscles and stimulates them, inducing cell growth, ATP production and stimulating collagen development. So, while it lifts and contours, microcurrent also works to lengthen tight muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

My preferred microcurrent machine of choice is MyoLift by 7eWellness. When used by a professional, microcurrent tightens and lifts connective tissues and muscles while smoothing out the skin of the face. This process can visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging in common trouble areas such as the forehead, around the eyes, the mouth area and the neck and jawline. Microcurrent is totally painless with immediate results, without undergoing surgery and facing a lengthy recovery time. When Microcurrent is performed right before neurotoxin injections, it can also make them last longer.


Microcurrent is a clinically-tested therapy treatment, and one of the hottest skin care modalities in the anti-aging industry. It is found in top spas and medi-spas from NY to LA for contouring, toning and firming of the skin. Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current similar to our body’s natural current and provides both instant and cumulative benefits. Microcurrent works sub-sensory, and as a result, the treatment is soothing and most clients feel nothing at all. Microcurrent is a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to achieve and maintain a healthier, younger looking appearance.


Microcurrent is capable of facial stimulation, sending soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues and down to the facial muscles. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production. ATP is known as Adenosine triphosphate which drives the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, and is the biochemical way to store and use energy. This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing the muscle is often an improved, lifted appearance.