Facial Treatment




Microexfoliation with nanoneedling tips is an effective new skin service that leaves skin smoother, brighter, and radiant, with an improved overall tone and texture. Using the bt-titan® MN nano needling infusion device, this application not only delivers visible results, but is suitable for most skin types. With virtually no downtime, this facial service is a perfect option for those with a busy lifestyle and schedule.


This non-invasive, transdermal exfoliation and serum delivery system is designed to rejuvenate your skin and address issues in lack of tone, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. This less invasive alternative to microneedling is performed with a handheld “pen” that stamps the nano cartridge at a high rate of speed on the skin. Rather than needles, it features a small platform of pointy, pyramid-like nano pins. Each pin possesses a diameter smaller than a strand of hair, forming 1000s of invisible nano channels as it abrades the skin. These nano-channels then deliver potent serums below the skin barrier to boost regenerative processes and stimulate greater collagen production in the skin.

Nanoneedling is pain-free, there is no bleeding or inflammation. It is a safe, non-invasive procedure that treats the epidermis only. The only typical after-effect of nanoneedling includes some redness in the treatment area that fades in about 24-hours.


Nanoneedling Infusion Facial

Includes a double-cleanse, prep for the procedure with Restyfluid, followed by Nanoneedling treatment customized to your skin's needs with the bt-titan® MN device.  A personalized mask is then applied and the treatment concludes with antioxidant-filled serums, moisturizer and SPF. Your newly resurfaced, glowing skin will look and feel as smooth as silk.

60 min / $275

Package of 6 / $1320 ($220 ea)

Package of 3 / $744 ($248 ea)

add LightStim Anti-Aging ProPanel LED, 20 min / $50

add Microcurrent, 20 min / $75