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What is a HydraFacial Booster and Why Do I Need It?

Booster serums enhance the HydraFacial treatment and bring the ability to personalize your HydraFacial to the next level.

Each proprietary Boost provides a specialized solution for the skin – from firming & restoring, to brightening dark spots, to smoothing out fine lines & wrinkles.

Not only does HydraFacial create their own Boosters, the company collaborates with recognized pioneers in the skin care industry to create unrivaled serum treatments.

At Diana O’Donnell Skin Care in Naples, FL, you can intensify your HydraFacial results with the following Boosters:

HydraFacial Regen GF - enhances collagen and elastin production, reduces fine lines, and removes toxins.

HydraFacial DermaBuilder - Helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.

HydraFacial Britenol – Brightens and evens skin tone by minimizing the appearance of dark spots.

Murad Retinol - Accelerates skin’s surface renewal, instantly plumps to minimize the look of wrinkles, evens tone to boost youthful radiance, exfoliates and smooths.

HydroPeptide Power Serum - Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including frown lines, smile lines and forehead lines along with improving skin firmness and volume.

Circadia Protec Plus - Protects the skin from free radical damage, ensures optimal hydration and reduces the visible signs of redness.

Boost your own HydraFacial today and see what it can do for your skin!

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